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Website Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy Generator.

Create your own Website Terms and Conditions.

Our Website Terms and Conditions are custom made and tailored for you. Our Website Terms & Conditions are NOT 'off the shelf' templates that you need to spend time editing. They are your own formatted, tailored Online Terms and Conditions with Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy for your website.

E-Terms are the UK's leading provider of custom-made Website Terms and Conditions. We've helped over 2,000+ businesses with their website legal documents, with prices starting at just £35.


All of our Website Terms & Condition packages now include CookieTab with its simple interface and clean design, helps you comply with the EU Cookie Directive. CookieTab is an orange tab that floats on the far left of your website pages, when a new user visits your site, CookieTab will warn them that your site uses cookies. The user can agree to the use of cookies, find further advice or simply ignore the message.

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